Bosnia's Reliable Periodical

The Bosnian Newspaper Oslobodjenje brings the latest and top breaking news on politics and current affairs in Bosnia and around the world. It also reports information on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, informative articles, people and business. Oslobodjenje is a popular newspaper in Bosnia and Herzegovina, based in the capital city Sarajevo.

Oslobodjenje, meaning "liberation," was founded on August 30, 1943 in Donja Trnova near Ugljevik, as an anti-Nazi newspaper. During the war, its staff, consisting of Bosniaks, Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Croats, managed to print the paper every day except for one. Since then, the newspaper has won many awards including The Paper of the Year in 1989, The Paper of the Year in 1992, the Freedom Award in 1993, the Oscar Romero Award in 1993 and many others.

If you want to stay updated on all the latest news in Bosnia and around the world, do not miss an issue of Oslobodjenje.