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Sarajevo and Oslobodjenje

The center of much European history and worldwide focus, the country of Bosnia Herzegovina was formed in 1992 and now boasts the third largest growth rate in tourism from 1995 to 2020. Of the many cities in this new country, none is more celebrated than Sarajevo. One major icon of the city of Sarajevo is its central newspaper, the Oslobodjenje. Visiting Sarajevo is like stepping into a melting pot of culture, history and progress.


The city of Sarajevo, historically called the city that started World War I, offers many tourist attractions to delight visitors. Those who are academically inclined can check out the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina or the Sarajevo Art Gallery and see artifacts and artwork that celebrate the city's culture. Those that love architecture need look no further than the Avaz Twist Tower, which stretches almost 600 feet into the air. Also, the thriving nightlife keeps tourists out until dawn.

Sarajevo's newspaper, Oslobodjenje

Originally founded in 1943 as an Anti-Nazi publication, the Oslobodjenje celebrates half a century of integrity and edgy journalism. In 1993, this newspaper received the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought for its clear and uncompromising journalism. Even during the civil war, the newspaper printed an issue every day except for one. Many newspapers strive to emulate this kind of integrity and honesty in journalism.

Emerging from decades of struggle and war, Sarajevo has progressed to the point where it offers a rich mix of modern and classic ambiance. Visitors of any age can enjoy the city. Freedom of thought, freedom of action and freedom of expression have always been key to this remarkable city, as shown through its newspaper, the Oslobodjenje.